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Hydrotone Tub

The hydrotone tub is the ultimate in immersion therapy, allowing the addition of Bentonite Clay or Himalayan Salt to a spa experience'. The Hydrotone Tub has 7 seven separate hydro treatment zones, also allowing us to do underwater massage with a powerful jet and perform Lymphatic Drainage. This hydro tub is used also for Remedial purposes.

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Remedial Massage

Our Remedial Massage Therapists are available by appointment only to support injury management treatments and programme development.


We offer many varied techniques which include:


  • Jag Therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Deep Tissue

  • Trigger Point

  • Lymphatic Drainage


Health Funds Rebates may be available. Please check with your fund.


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​Far-Infrared Sauna

The Far-Infrared Sauna provides many Health Benefits including:


  • Providing fantastic relaxation

  • Body detoxification

  • Improving the immune system

  • Improves skin tone, elasticity, texture and colour

  • Improves cardiovascular system

  • Can relieve pain from sprains, strains, arthritis or overworked muscles

  • Used to assist in weightloss


Tereasa can explain these benefits and more provided by this treatment



Beauty Therapy

Purely Essential Therapies only uses the finest & natural products from Western Australia, Nature's Creation.

Back Massage

Massage Classes

Everyone is always looking for that special way they can show their partner how much they care and how special they are. One of those ways could be to learn how to correctly give a massage that not only feels great but is also beneficial to the recipient.


A recognised Certificate of Achievement is provide to participants who successfully complete the course by demostrating their understanding of massage techniques during a  practicle assessment of their massage skills and knowledge.


Contact Tereasa for more information or to discuss Private Classes.


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Thermal Capsule​

The Thermal Capsule provides a new experience in full body treatments, body scrubs, sea weed and Bentonite Clay masks. It can also support body treatments at the remedial level. i.e. : sports injury, weight loss treatments and detox treatments.


Tel: +61 8 9755 8329     


30 Cookworthy Road, Abbey, Western Australia 6280

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